Land reform

The conrext

Ukraine has 60 million hectares of land. 70% of them are agricultural lands with very fertile soils. In the distant 90s, Ukrainian land finally ceased to be a collective farm and was distributed among Ukrainians. Then people became the owners of the land, but never really had the full right to dispose of it as private property.

Thus, the moratorium became one of the poverty causes in the countryside.

The task

Land reform is not just an obscure innovation. First of all, this is the return of the constitutional right to dispose of private property independently.

But in order to benefit from the changes, you need to understand the rules of the game. Our audience face a lot of fears: they are caused by ignorance and 30 years of intimidation by interested political forces.

Therefore, the main goal of the campaign is to create an emotional resonance with the target audience and change negative attitudes by explaining the essence of the reform and its advantages in a light, positive way.

The challenge

Due to the manipulation of public opinion and low awareness, Ukrainians faced doubts and fears about the reform. What is this land market? What if foreigners bought up the land? What if farmers suddenly are forced to sell their shares to agricultural holdings?

Complex explanations and abstract comparisons with the experience of other countries did not change fear and misunderstanding into affection.

So how should we tell Ukrainians about the personal benefits that the land reform will bring to them?

Land reform.
Take advantage of the opportunities!

Land reform.
Obvious changes for the better!

The concept

Our audience is very skeptical of loud promises and arrogant tricks. It needs to be spoken in a simple and understandable language, which every respectable landowner speaks.

Not bleached literary, not devoid of all alive, the one used in everyday life while addressing the neighbors, grandchildren or geese, that trampled a watermelon that had just hatched from the ground.

The language that our grandmother and her household livestock use when they call us to use the land reform opportunities opened up for them and the village.