Guide to public services

The context

The Guide to public services is the only official resource that contains information about all public services in Ukraine. This is a huge and well-structured archive where every citizen can find answers to various questions.

There are a million questions, and previously the one had to look for answers in the registry office of the Administrative Service Center or ask friends. Then write down the list of necessary documents on a piece of paper and return to the Service Center again...

Everything became easier with the appearance of the Guide - all information is accumulated in one place. Everything is well structured according to life events. Besides, the Guide is an official source of information. That is, if some woman in the service window will require a certificate that is not indicated in the Guide, it would be possible to reference the Guide as an argument not to provide the relevant documents. That's how convenient it is.

The task

The resource that saves time and nerves is cool. However, many of our fellow citizens do not know about the Guide and about the simplification of interaction with the state apparatus. Our goal is to tell about how exactly the Guide can be useful to you, me, our friends or relatives.

For whom?

Our audience is modern and successful people who lead an active lifestyle, travel, buy real estate, launch their own startups, give birth and raise children and are focused on new opportunities, not problems.

And so, the communication campaign characters are just like that. They are not some personages distant to the audience, they are people with specific faces, names, desires and dreams, questions about life and about themselves. These dreams and questions are known to all of us. We build bridges to the audience through these internal insights.

The idea

People like to hear nice things about themselves. It's nice when you act as a hero who uses the opportunities of this world and copes with all the difficulties with one click.

So people willingly associate themselves with such advanced heroes and take inspiration from them. Through such a positive image, we talked about the Guide.