Embrace Ukraine

Europe and Ukraine share not only one continent, centuries-old and potent history, similar traditions, and great culture, but also a shared future.

So how to use images and words to unite the EU and UA to erase all borders between the country and the union? In such a way as to make it clear without additional explanations?

We started our search with the words: the abbreviations EU and UA have one letter in common: U. It is this letter that represents Ukraine in the campaign logo.
E is for Europe, U is for Ukraine. Thus, the identity consists of a combination of the main symbol of the European Union - 12 stars, and the Ukrainian "U". This letter common to the two is hidden between the flag, which explains without any synopsis: there are no spaces, distance or difference between Europe and Ukraine.
Embrace Ukraine is about everything the world has already done and what it has to do. Embrace is about choosing, understanding, surrounding and accepting. Embrace is about power and steel, about choice and challenge, about literally: accession to the.

The combination of a powerful verb with Ukraine is about soft power and hard power at the same time.

On notepads or Facebook screensavers, on national merchandise or in international concerns, the logo and slogan are easy to read and do not require additional explanations: Ukraine is a part of the European world.