Promotional video of Ukraine

What was the task?

We needed to create a promotional video of Ukraine for the Instagram audience as part of the Ukraine NOW project. The video needed to be like it's audience. It was made to cling, to be unique and completely unlike to the previous ones.


Ми хотіли вийти за межі очікувань і створити ролик, у якому немає прольотів над Карпатами чи Дніпром. Але є Україна в найяскравішому її прояві — як територія свободи.

The Idea

Ukraine is a part of the post-Soviet world. But what distinguishes Ukraine from it? Freedom! Freedom that overabounds with the bright colors, set trends, does not have borders and creates Ukraine simply here and now.

The focus of the video is on the generation that grew up on the ruins of the Soviet Union, but in a surprising way it became that a link connecting the past with the future.

For whom did we make these efforts?

For the generation that is near the neatest metro station in the world buys organic products from a grandmother with a kravchychka* and eats poached eggs for breakfast in an Instagram cafe. For the generation that lives near khrushchivkas**, walksin the background of Soviet architecture, drinks tea from their parents' service from the sideboard and opens startups every day.

This video is about Ukraine today. Young and beautiful.

*a common colloquial name in Ukraine for a cart for the manual transportation of goods, made in the form of an L-shaped metal frame with two wheels (in all other countries – a hand cart).

**a type of low-cost, concrete-paneled or brick three- to five-storied apartment building which was developed in the Soviet Union during the early 1960s.

How did we do it?

Some backstage photos