How to start making passive income and secure your future?

To solve these issues, the Kazakh exchange Astana International Exchange developed an application for investing, which helps everyone to become an investor even with minimal financial knowledge.

The agency's task was to develop naming, branding, creative strategy, Ul-design, and promotional materials for the project.

We were looking for a name that would capture the essence of the program and what everyone strives for — financial success. We chose the Kazakh word "tabys", which means "success", and its first letter "T" was easily transformed into the sign of the national Kazakh currency — tenge.

With such a simple idea, we emphasized that success can be monetized, and it's easy to do with the Tabys mobile app. In the promotional materials, we noted the simple mechanics of use: quick registration, adding a bank card, a minimum monthly payment of $20 — and that's it! In just a few clicks, you can become an investor by buying, owning, selling securities, and multiplying your capital right from your smartphone.

This is how the slogan was born: Tabys — affordable investments for everyone. When you can finally relax and let your money work for you!