NGO "Nehemiah" is a part of the international friendly Nehemia Team, which works to improve life in local communities.

What was our task?

To devise a creative strategy that demonstrates the diversity of Nehemiah's activities and makes it understandable to people in a friendly manner.

Idea and Implementation

To achieve our goal, we decided to go the way of communication and trust. We wanted people to feel that they can contribute to their own community, relying on our support. Communication itself is based on principles of cooperation and freedom, not just on organizational matters.

Thanks to this decision, we will be able to shift the focus from organization to human transformation, which happens with the help of the NGO "Nehemiah".

We have combined all concepts into a space

A space where both needs and ideas are.
A space where both young and old are.
A space where both theatre and startups are.
A space where both lectures and coworking are.
A space where both initiatives and involvement are.
A space where both realization and relaxation are.

Space is a contextually rich word that encompasses so much as "Nehemiah" does.