Postcards from

Launched the international campaign «Postcards from Ukraine», which showed the world the cultural monuments of Ukraine destroyed by Russia

The context [painful]:

Since 2014 russian army systematically destroys Ukrainian cultural heritage.
During the full-scale war over
monuments of culture, architecture and religion were destroyed or seriously damaged

The goal [important]:

To talk about the fact that the targeted destruction of Ukrainian culture is a huge loss for the whole world.
Because these cultural monuments convey the history not only of the Ukrainian people but also of the entire European civilization for more than
Some of the buildings survived the Mongol invasions in the 13th century, but were burned by rocket attacks.

Solutions [large and simple at the same time]:

1. We released postcards about the objects of the cultural heritage of Ukraine, each of which tells the story of a specific cultural monument.

Why postcards?

As we travel the world, we send postcards with pictures of cities. But this year postcards from Ukraine would look different. russia destroyed a significant part of our cultural memory, so now souvenirs tell completely different stories.
2. We created a series of videos with world and Ukrainian celebrities, who became the voices of destroyed buildings.

Why videos?

Video projections on broken buildings allowed macro-influencers to become the personification of cultural monuments and give voices to mutilated cities thatwere heard all over the world.
Ukrainian football player Andriy Yarmolenko became the voice of the destroyed stadium in Chernihiv
Soloist of the Kalush Orchestra band — House of Culture, Irpin, Kyiv region
DakhaBrakha  — Ascension Church, Lukashivka, Chernihiv region
World-famous dancer Maksym Chmerkovskiy — Chernihiv regional youth centre
So the already devastated monuments came to life again, and their stories were heard all over the world


100 postcards

that tell the stories of destroyed buildings


landing page

with an interactive map

8 videos

with Ukrainian and world celebrities

Project exhibitions held in more than 30 countries

Postal block in collaboration with «Ukrposhta»

Series of postcards
«We won’t forget. We won’t forgive. Bucha. Hostomel. Irpin», dedicated to the Hero Cities of the Kyiv region

Including international

Stories and posts

by influencers with a total reach of 960 000 views
During the promotion of the campaign, we actively used the function of joint posts and involved influencers in joint publishing, which made it possible to organically reach over

1 000 000 PEOPLE

General coverage:
10 000 000 PEOPLE