A state reform eRights

What was the task?

To tell about the reforms that already coexist with us in the digital space. About changes that simplify life. About the noticeable changes.

Our challenge

Everywhere there are talks about reforms.Although talking about them is like describing music. More valuable is to experience them.

Our challenge is to show that changes have actually already begun, and reforms have become a reality.

What is Diya?

Diya is when your passport, driven license and registration certificate are always in your smartphone. Just tap on the app!

The Idea

We observe life through a smartphone: turn on music, share a meme with a friend, watch a video "how to do my daughter's hair in 2 minutes", call mom, check traffic.

So it is quite logical to have digital documents as well! That's why we decided to show our life in a video through a smartphone's screen.

With Diya Service you won't forget and lose your lisence and registration certificate!