A state reform

What was the task?

To tell about the reforms that already coexist with us in the digital space. About changes that simplify life. About the noticeable changes.

Our challenge

Everywhere there are talks about reforms.Although talking about them is like describing music. More valuable is to experience them.

Our challenge is to show that changes have actually already begun, and reforms have become a reality.

What is «eMalyatko»?

eMalyatko is when in 15 minutes you can register a newborn online and receive up to 9 state services for babies from various authorities.

What was before?

After a child's birth, a bureaucratic hell began. Instead of having a rest the mother spent more than 10 hours for the registration of a baby. She experienced the queues in 11 institutions and had to draw up 37 documents.

Now only one online application is needed, you can apply anywhere and it will take you 15 minutes.

About the video

Expectation and birth of a child is an important and touching event.

The entire birth story, from the test to a maternity hospital, is revealed in the video through the smartphone screen in situations that the average Ukrainian man or woman faces.

20 minutes —
and we have a new citizen in!